Members of the JustFutures Team presented at the XIII SOPCOM Congress

Daniela Ferreira da Silva and Anabela Carvalho participated with presentations related to the tasks of the JustFutures project at the XIII SOPCOM Congress, which took place in Braga from January 24 to 26, 2024.

Daniela Ferreira da Silva gave a talk on “Youth Climate Activism: Participatory Methodologies in Promoting Political Imagination among Young People” during the session on crisis communication and activism. The presentation focused on a literature review of participatory methodologies used with young people in discussing alternative futures and political imagination.

Anabela Carvalho presented her work related to “Environmental Communication and Environmental Journalism: The Ethics of a Disciplinary Field Confronted with Existential Threats” in the ethics and deontology session, addressing the need for ethical guidance in the work of journalists dealing with issues related to climate change. Anabela also presented the study on “The Interaction of Television Voices in Shaping the Climate Debate among Young Activists and Other Social Actors” in the journalism and society session. This work focused on the analysis of the intermodal interactions to delegitimise the actions on young climate activists on a television reportage.