Climate Futures and Just Transformations: Young People’s Narratives and Political Imaginaries

Recent mobilisations around climate change have clearly indicated that young people are or want to be involved in climate change debates and futures. The JustFutures project will contribute to understanding young people’s agency and political imaginaries. It will do so by mapping existing collective action groups, analysing narratives and media(ted) discourses of climate futures and examining, through extensive field work, young people’s imaginaries of climate futures.

JustFutures aims to analyse how young people envision their roles in the transformations towards sustainability that need to be implemented over the next few decades. Understanding young people’s imaginaries of the future and conceptions of agency for shaping it is at the core of the research plan to be carried out. The project also has an action-oriented dimension as it intends to contribute to youth groups’ abilities for reflecting on and expanding their civic and political engagement with climate change and sustainability. By doing so, it will help to create opportunities for young people to envision, plan and build just futures.

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We will keep the JustFutures website updated with our findings and research under the rubric “Outputs” and keep track of important events related to our work under “Agenda”.

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