Tânia R. Santos presents at the EASP Preconference on the Social Psychology of the Future

On June 30, Tânia R. Santos presented at the 2023 Preconference of the European Association of Social Psychology on the “Social Psychology of the Future: How can Social Psychology contribute to the development of a fairer and more sustainable world?” organized by Gavin B. Sullivan, Annayah M. B. Prosser, Lucia Bosone, and Marie Chevrier. The event took place at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland.

Tânia participated in this hybrid event with an in-person presentation titled: “Youth’s utopias and dystopias in warranting climate action.” In this co-authored presentation, together with other members of the JustFutures team, we explored the discursive uses of utopias and dystopias by young climate activists in constructing open and malleable futures within the spaces of climate activism. For this work, we analysed focus group discussions with young activists currently engaged in the climate movement.