Ana Garcia and Dora Rebelo present at the Futures Conference 2023

Ana Garcia and Dora Rebelo presented, respectively, in-person and virtually, at the Futures Conference 2023, which took place between June 14 and 16, 2023, in Turku, Finland.

Ana Garcia delivered her presentation “Crafting the future: Political imaginaries of Young Climate Activists in Portugal”, sharing the results from focused group discussions with young individuals and presenting preliminary findings from a multi-sited ethnographic study conducted with young activists. She explored questions such as “How do young climate activists in Portugal envision alternative futures in response to climate change?” and “What strategies do they employ to express their concerns and promote change?”

Dora Rebelo, based on a reflexive thematic analysis of 22 focus group discussions, presented virtually a communication titled “Political imaginaries and perspectives on climate futures: Young people building climate action,” focusing on how both activist and non-activist young individuals conceive political imaginaries and their role in shaping climate future(s).