Climate movement in Portugal

This map shows the localisation of groups who have been participating in the climate movement in Portugal. In total, we identified 275 groups. Of these, 68 have climate change as the main focus of their action, and 105 have climate change as one of the priority topics. Additionally, 102 supported one or more actions of climate activism, although climate change is not one of their areas of action.

In this visual map, it’s possible to identify the geographic location of each group. By clicking over the points on the map, you can see a brief description of each group (type and nature of the group, forms of action) and a link to their web pages.  

15 groups are not represented in the Portuguese territory and were grouped in a category named online. These groups’ sphere of action is mainly digital and thus their action does not correspond to any specific geographic location in the country.

10 groups were identified as having national action: Climate reality Portugal; Climate Save Portugal; DiEM25 Portugal; Extinction Rebellion Portugal; Frente Unitária Antifacista; Greve Climática Estudantil Portugal; Parents for Future PT; Plástico a mais; Rede para o Decrescimento. In these cases, only the regional clusters were added to the map. For example, Extinction Rebellion Portugal has several regional clusters in specific areas of the country that can be found on the map (e.g., Extinction Rebellion Lisboa). 

All the information collected within the scope of this mapping is systematised in the report entitled “Climate Movement in Portugal”, available here.

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Important note:

The data on which this mapping is based was gathered between October 2021 and April 2022. Given the dynamic nature of climate movement, various types of changes will have occurred in the meantime.